Are Estate Sales and the companies who conduct them licensed or regulated in anyway. 

No.  Unfortunately, they are not so it is very important that you educate yourself about the business and that you hire a company that you feel your can trust.  When hiring a company make sure you ask a lot of questions.  Don’t hesitate to ask any and all questions you have.  Check their references and testimonials.  Just because they have been in business for a long time doesn’t make them a great company or even a trustworthy company.  See how you feel after a phone interview.  If you feel good about the conversation, then conduct an in-person interview.  Go with your gut instinct!


Why should I have an estate sale instead of an auction or a garage sale?

Estate sales are the best way to maximize the sales price for most personal property.

Estate sales are the most direct and profitable way to sell personal property to the public. 

Estate sales give you more control over the price items are sold for verses an auction. 

Estate sales are a great way and efficient way to clear a house of its contents.

Auctions are held for 1 day only and are a 1 time shot to sell.  Estate sales are generally held for multiple days and can offer discount days.  People who cannot attend on a day can plan for one of the other sales days offered. 

Garage sales are a lot of work for minimal money.  This work is done all by you!  Estate sales you do nothing.  We do all the work for you. 

Garage sales you do all the pricing staging advertising and clean up.  Estate sales its all done for you. 

You make a considerable amount more money for your items at an estate sale then you do at a garage sale. 

Weather is a big factor for a garage sale but not for an estate sale. 

All in All, estate sales are the most profitable and convenient way to sell your stuff!


What are the reasons a person has an estate sale?

There are many reasons.  Death of a loved one 2. a loved one needs to move due to illness or immobility issues.  3. Divorce  4. Moving/relocating  5. Downsizing.  There are many reasons a person will choose to have an estate sale. 


What is my upfront cost?

Nothing!   We handle everything! 


What do I have to do if I contract with Things Forgotten Estate Sales?

Nothing!  Once contracted we handle everything.  You can sit back and relax.  We will keep you informed of our progress during the process. 


Why do companies not tell you a set price on their website or on the phone?

Every sale is different. It is difficult for a company to make assessments until they have seen what they are working with.   For example: how much merchandise is there, how much work and time is needed to clean and stage the premises for the sale. What will need to be brought in such as tables, display items etc.  What does the client want done with any after sales items that are left?  These are just a few of the things that go into the equation before quoting a price to the customer. 


Why am I being told by companies that I don’t have enough to have an estate sale? 

Some companies only deal with larger sales.  At Things Forgotten Estate Sales we handle the small sales and larger.  If you truly don’t have enough to have an estate sale, we will offer you other options.  We always strive to help our potential clients with any and all situations. 


What happens at the consultation?

We will come to the home/site and go over the contents that is to be sold with you.  Then we will sit down with you and explain your options, the entire process of the sale from beginning to end, quote you a price for our services, talk about any special circumstances that may be involved with your situation and answer any and all questions you have. 


What happens once I hire you?

We will sit down with you  and go over the contract.  We will add or change any items that need to be taken care of on the contract.  Then we will again talk to you about what happens next and answer any questions you have.  We know questions and concerns may arise during the sale process, so we are always available by phone to talk with you as well.  Prior to our starting you will be asked to make sure any and all items you wish to keep are removed from the site.   We will start by cleaning, organizing and staging the site for the sale.  We will do all research to ensure the highest price possible for your items.  We handle all advertising, permits etc.  The sale will be conducted on the agreed upon dates.  We will provide enough staff and or security necessary.  Once the sale is over the left-over items will be taken care of by the terms you have chosen, and you will receive a check within 7 days of the conclusion of the sale. 


Will you help sell my home?

We are not realtors and cannot sell it for you, but we can help.  We can work directly with your realtor to advertise the home during the sale or take contact info of people who are interested in your home.  Your realtor is welcome to be on site during the sale to talk with individuals who are interested in your home.  We have several realtors we trust that we can refer you to if you do not have a realtor.  We help our clients in anyway we possibly can.  Its our job to make your situation as easy as possible for you.   


Can I sell items such as cars, boats and other unique items?

Yes. We can sell most any items.  There are a few items that are against the law to sell such as guns.  Items like those we can refer you to reputable dealers who can help you sell items that we cannot. 

                                                            FAQ’S FOR SALES

Are all sales open to the public?

Yes!  All are welcome at a Things Forgotten Estate Sale.  All sales, dates and times are posted on our upcoming sales page.


Why are the addresses for your sales not posted?

We do not list the address of sales until the day before the sale for security purposes.   We list the address the day before on our website, our Facebook page and on all advertisements.  You can also join our mailing list to be the first to know about all sales. 


Do you allow presales or previews before the actual sale?

No, we do not. We offer a first come first serve sale to be fair to everyone. 


Can I call you and have an item I seen in an add put on hold for me?

No, again we operate a first come first serve basis in fairness to all.


Why are the prices not listed on your items in your advertisements?

A lot of times prices are not finalized until the day before or even the day of the sale, there fore we do not list or answer questions about pricing prior to a sale.  During the sale we will be happy to help you with any pricing questions.  


Do I need to arrive early if I want to ensure getting an item?

Yes.  You will want to be one of the first ones in.  We do not hold items for any reason.  When you arrive, you can either stand in line or place a marker (i.e. cup, bag, jacket etc.) in line to hold your spot while you wait in your car.  Many people will do this especially when the weather is bad.  Make sure you are in line at your marked spot at least 15 minutes prior to opening time.  We ask that all induvial please respect the markers.  No markers can be placed the night before a sale. 


What if I wish to purchase many items? 

We offer a hold table for your convenience.  Place the item on the hold table and it will be there when you are finished shopping.  The hold table is located next to the cashier table.


What if I want to purchase a large item that I cannot carry?

Just take the tag off the item and take to a sales associate.  We will make sure a sold sticker is placed on your item.  Then you can continue shopping. 


What if I purchase a large item and cannot take it with me that day?

Almost always arrangements can be made to pick up items later.  Items do need to be picked up within a day or two of the sale ending.  If you arrange a pick-up time your item must be paid for at time of arrangement. 


Do you do delivery?

Currently, we do not offer delivery.  You are responsible for providing help to move large items from the premise.  We are working with some companies to provide this service in the future.  Any items not picked up at their designated pick up time after the sale is completed will be donated and a refund will not be issued unless you have contacted us and made other arrangements for pick up. 


What forms of payment do you except?

We except cash,  debit card and all forms of credit cards.  No personal checks are excepted.


Do you have discount days during your sale?

Almost always there are discount days.  The discount days are the decision of the client.  We will list what the discounts are and the days they are offered in our advertisements and our emails. 


Do you offer a bidding system?

Yes!  You may bid on an item that is priced at $50 or higher.  The bid cannot be any less then 50% of the items list price.  Bid forms are found at the cashier table. This is a closed bidding system so no one else can see your bid.  You will be called if your bid was excepted.  You must arrange a pick-up time when you are called.    Your item must be paid for the following day.  If the item is not paid for then the next bidder in line will be called.  Bids will be looked at on the second day of the sale.  If the item sells prior to the completion of the second day all bids are void.  You may leave a low-ball bid of less then 50% but those bids will only be honored if the item didn’t sell during the regular sale and the client excepts the lower offer.  You will be called if your lower bid is excepted and you will be expected to set up a time to pick up and pay at the time of the call. 


What if I purchase an item and it doesn’t work when I get it home?

All sales are final.  All items are available to be tested prior to purchasing.  For example, if you wish to purchase a tv, the tv will be on and operating at the time of the sale.  If it is not you are welcome to turn it on and test it out.  If you need help with testing an item an associate will be happy to help you with this.  Most items sold at an estate sale are used items, so we suggest that you check items carefully before purchasing. 

If you have further questions or would like to set up a free consultation please give us a call or email us.  You can find all our information and an easy email form on our contact page.  

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